Transparent prices without binding contract or fixed costs

With us, you won't experience any surprises. Because everything is transparent and included. As an organiser, you can decide for yourself whether you want to pay the low fees yourself or pass them on to your ticket buyers. Calculate your ticket prices and revenues directly with our ticket price calculator.

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The complete package for your ticket sales

All in! With us, payment fees or sales tax are already included in the ticket fees. The ticket price is made up of several components:

  • Admission price: Base price you charge for your event. 
  • Ticket fee: 3,5% plus 0,40€ per ticket.
  • ticket fee: 6% additional on the retail price. These fees only apply when selling your event on 

Benefit from marketing actions and start selling your events through today, reaching a national audience.

Calculate your ticketing costs with our ticket price calculator

including fees

In your own ticket shop

Ticket fee
Advance booking fee
Customers pay

Ticket fee
Advance booking fee
Customers pay

Sales at your own box office

Ticket fee
Advance booking fee
Customers pay

Ticket-related fees and sales commissions may apply if an event is cancelled. For orders placed via the EVENTIM network, the ticket purchaser may incur additional booking fees and, if applicable, shipping costs.

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Save time and increase your event sales with our easy-to-use event ticketing system. Reach a larger audience and analyse your ticket sales.

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Your benefits as event organiser

Absolute flexibility

You decide when and how often you use EVENTIM.light - without a binding contract or fixed costs. The choice of sales channels is also entirely up to you. Everything is possible, nothing is compulsory.

No hidden fees

The gross price of your tickets includes everything, there are no additional costs. Ticket fees that you can pass on to your ticket buyers are communicated transparently.

Simple event set-up

In just a few minutes, you can create your first event and start selling tickets directly via your own ticket shop.

Sell tickets with ease

Benefit from our marketing actions and start selling your events through today.

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